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Iran - Iran and Bahrain ink MoU on religious matters

Minister of Culture and Islamic Guidance met and conferred with Sheikh Abdollah bin Khaled Ale-Khalifeh, Bahrain’s deputy prime minister and minister of education and inked a memorandum of understanding on matters related to religion, IQNA reported.One of the items in the said MoU refers to exchange of books, authoring books and research on various fields of Islamic sciences and publication of religious verdicts and Islamic teachings in the Quran, the tradition of the Prophet (S), Islamic jurisprudence, exchange of knowledge and conventional methods to deal with social problems and exchange of  plans for propagation of Quran and launching joint competitions during various religious occasions.Paragraph 8 of the above MoU refers to exchange of invitation between the two countries to participate in seminars held on cultural subjects specially seminars and competitions about Quranic subjects.

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